About Us

All4Trucks is an initiative of a group of investors from the Netherlands and France with business experience in transportation/logistics and fuel sales. This consortium has the intention to create 20 truck sites in Europe.

On the 30th of January 2009 the first location was opened in Calais, France.

Construction of the first site started February 4th 2008 after a long and extensive preparation. One of the most modern and largest truck stops of Europe is erected on 75'000 m2 of land in the Trans Marck area near Calais on the junction of the motorways A16 and A26.

All4Trucks Calais will accommodate more than 310 secure parking places for trucks, 1.200 m2 building and 80 m of fuel dispensers.

All4Trucks Calais is offering 14 high speed double diesel pumps under an 80 meter wide canopy. The fuel site offers diesel fuel for trucks but also Ad Blue and Red Gasoil. The site is expected to be amongst the highest throughout fuel sites of France, profiting from the new concept and the favorable price differential of diesel fuel in France versus the UK.

In Europe and especially in Calais there is a big demand for safe parking places for trucks since violence against and theft of trucks has increased with more than 25% over the last 5 years.

With over 3 millions of trucks crossing between Calais and Dover a large contingent of parking spaces is needed near the channel crossing both in France and in England. According to international studies truck traffic between the two cities/countries will double in the next 7 years.

All stakeholders in Calais, from government, logistical parties, international truck drivers and members of the Calais community feel the need of appropriate infrastructure in order to cope with all passing trucks. The All4Trucks Calais investment fulfills all requirements of all stakeholders.


A new approach towards secured truck sites in Europe