The site at Calais is the primary implementation of the All4Trucks concept, offering 150 parking places at launch (January 12th 2009), and 310 parking places until March 2009 on a surface of 7,5 hectares. The project features an extensive range of services built around truckers' needs:

  • Access for trucks only; registration & full surveillance behind secure fences
  • 310 secure parking places with full surveillance
  • 1'200 m2 building with restaurant, shop, restrooms, showers, internet, laundry and leisure
  • Automated multi branded sales Diesel fuel (14 pumps), Red Gasoil (2 pumps) and Ad Blue (4 pumps)
  • 200 seat restaurant and bar, vending machines, 300 m2 of shops, cash dispenser, personal care facilities (showers/toilets, restrooms, laundry) and last but not least, communication facilities (internet, fax, telephone, WiFi).
  • More than 1'000'000 ltrs fuel storage underground (co - mingled)
  • 2 tank truck unloading positions

Our focus is to offer the truck driver the safest environment in which he can relax after a long way drive.


  • Full terrain and all operations behind fences are supervised, 24/24 hour physical surveillance as well as manned video surveillance
  • Normal 2 meter high fence around the premises, with on the inside a 2,5 meter high electrical fence as well as ditch and earth wall
  • Only staff and truck drivers of parked trucks have access to the parking
  • Perimeter is fully lit, general illumination on whole premises
  • Registration (front and rear) of all trucks entering and leaving the premises
  • Direct contact to Police which has clearance to survey parking

Sluice entrance

  • From outside the speedgate is closed; it opens if sluice is empty and truck detected
  • Truck to enter sluice and stop for barrier and ticket printer
  • Whilst ticket is taken, automatic front and rear license plate video registration
  • After completion of registration barrier opens and truck can enter premises

Payment of parking fees via cash or (fuel) cards at two terminals on the premises

Sluice exit

  • Direct access into sluice if empty (otherwise barrier closed)
  • Truck to stop for introducing bar code ticket (start of license plate check)
  • After positive check on payment and license plate Speed gate opens and truck can leave

Security Control

Integrated Video system

  • Photos in the Sluice from front and back of the truck will be linked to the bar code ticket
  • Upon entry of fuel card at the pump the truck will be photographed and license plate registered
  • Security will take over control of systems if and when the truck leaving has a different combination of bar code ticket and license plates at rear and front the registered at entry
  • 24/24 hours video surveillance of whole premises
  • High Power Fence linked to video cameras and control room allowing for direct response to intrusion attempts
  • 24/24 hours manned and specially trained surveillance

Fuel Services

  • Fuel cards only directly at the dispenser (master / slave per position)
  • Products: Diesel, Red Gasoil, Ad Blue
  • No payment option in the building
  • Use of Tokheim Digital Integrated Terminals (DIT), widely used Crypto VGA
  • Inserting card and pin code and choose product
  • 2 double sided diesel red dispensers
  • 4 double sided ad blue dispensers
  • Customer to receive ticket at the pump (card issuer, product description, volume, ticket number, date and time)

Fuel storage and operation

  • Two unloading positions for tank trucks allowing for high volumes
  • In line samples taken of every delivery to ensure quality control
  • Extensive filtering and monitoring of product  to maintain high quality diesel

Payment at site


  • Credit card, card issuer (2 locations) or cash via payment terminals
  • Fuel Card payments via Tokheim (fuel)system

Fuel sales

  • Participating Fuel Cards only
  • Online authorization via Tokheim Crypto VGA terminal with online verification and associated controls of the card issuer
A new approach towards secured truck sites in Europe