A new approach towards safe truck sites in Europe

We are born with the mission to create a solution for truck drivers and their trucks in Europe. All4Trucks offers all you need when you are on the road: a large and safe parking area, a restaurant and showers and areas to clean up. We are the only ones who accept all major international fuel cards. Although we focus on driver's and cargo safety, we strive to create a space that goes beyond a safe parking site. All4Trucks is also a place where drivers will find peace of mind on the road, and to the degree it is possible, a "home away from home".

Unique approach

All4trucks is an innovative concept of offering all services for truckers on one location. Safe parking area, restaurant, personal care, communication zone as well as diesel supply accepting almost every international fuel card.


A wide range of services varying from food and drink (restaurant, snacks, and bar) for the truck driver to communication facilities (internet, WiFi, telefax, telephone) and personal care (showers, restrooms, laundry machines) will offer the truck driver the feeling of being "home" at All4Trucks.


Security is guaranteed by allowing access to the whole plot via sluices only. Furthermore the plot will be accessible via double-end gates for trucks and associated individuals only. 24 hours surveillance per day by guards as well as video control will watch over truck drivers, their equipment and cargo. Front and rear license plate recognition at the entry and exit of every truck and permanent direct contact to the Police.


The other distinct difference is that All4Trucks will not sell fuel for its own account but it will only facilitate the fuel sales of fuel card issuers. All4Trucks reaches a far higher economy of scale than a traditional single brand location since most major card issuers participate. The site will offer Diesel fuel via 14 high speed pumps for trucks but also Ad Blue and Red Gasoil allowing for fast and secure refueling.

A new approach towards secured truck sites in Europe

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